Delphinus Bonus Episode - Tales of the Night Sky Podcast

S2 Bonus Episode: Delphinus, Dionysus & Arion

The party in the sea realm is fizzling out and the gossip Kat* finds herself left behind by her friend Lalli.* While looking for him, she stumbles upon a terrible truth.

*KATALALIA meaning gossip or defamation in Ancient Greek.

Written by Morag Cross.
Starring Morag Cross as Kat.
Featuring Nigel Pilkington and Doug Rand.
Directed by Bibi Jacob.
Production and sound by Geoff Chong.
All ‘Kithara’ strumming by Morag Cross.
The sea shanty is an original violin and vocal composition written and performed by Chloe Dunn and remixed by Geoff Chong.
The track, ‘Ain’t Nobody’s Business,’ is by the Underscore Orkestra.

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