Andromache-Trojans Series- Tales of the Night Sky podcast

S2 E11 The Trojans: 175 ANDROMACHE

Andromache appears in the university observatory to recount her tragic tale.

175 Andromache is a main-belt asteroid – not a Trojan in the L4 or L5 Lagrange points in Jupiter’s orbit. But since her character is central to the Trojan war, we’ve included her in this special series. 

Written and directed by KJ Dwyer.
Edited by Bibi Jacob.
With Mia Leahy as Dardana
and Kate Colebrook as Petra.
Original violin and vocal compositions written and performed by Chloe Dunn.
Sound and production by Geoff Chong.

Recorded at the SACD studios, Paris.

You can listen to more of Chloe Dunn’s beautiful music, on / Bècaflor Teaser