Delphinus-Tales of the Night sky Podcast

S2 E2 Thetis & Amphitrite: The Constellation of Delphinus

It’s party time in the sea realm – the Nereid Amphitrite is about to wed Poseidon – but she’s having second thoughts. Can her sister Thetis persuade her to tie the knot in time? And what’s really behind the ominous rumours the party guests are spreading?

This episode was written and directed by Bibi Jacob.
Production and sound design by Geoff Chong.

It stars:
Sharon Mann as Thetis.
Elizabeth Wautlet as Amphitrite.
Sandy Bernard as Doto.
Nigel Pilkington and Morag Cross as the Gossips, Lalli and Kat.
Doug Rand as Peleus.
Dharni Mistry as the child.
Bibi Jacob and Doug Rand as party guests. 

The actors recorded in studios in both Paris and London.
A huge thank you to Marie Prevost at Voice Addict Studio, Paris, for her support.
And thank you to Nigel Pilkington for the London recording.

And an enormous thank you to the wonderful Underscore Orkestra – – for permission to use their music. These tracks feature at the party: 
Swing Gitane;
It Ain’t Right;
Blue Drag;
I’se a Muggin.