Trojan series - Tales of the Night Sky podcast

S2 E6 The Trojans: 17314 AISAKOS

In this special series, Tales of the Night Sky takes you into the heart of a large group of asteroids that orbit with Jupiter around the sun. These two camps of heavenly bodies – the Greeks leading and the Trojans trailing Jupiter  – are known as the Trojan asteroids. Each identified asteroid is named after a protagonist in Homer’s Iliad. And these characters find themselves locked in orbit, endlessly reliving the trauma of war.

This original series was co-created with Chris Mack and KJ Dwyer.
And the original concept was sparked off in our writers’ group, run by Chris Mack.

In the first of the Trojans, the seer Aisakos interprets Queen Hecuba’s dream.
Starring Ciaran Cresswell.
Written and directed by Bibi Jacob.
Introduction written by KJ Dywer and Bibi Jacob.
Sound and production by Geoff Chong.

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