Season 1 – Audio Drama Podcast

In this, the final episode of Season 1, discover the surprising and shocking myth of Zagreus, the horned baby. Sensitive listeners be

Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, recounts Orpheus’ extraordinary descent into her kingdom and her own shocking abduction. Written and directed by Bibi

No sooner is he born than Baby Hermes leaps out of his cradle and embarks on a slapstick adventure to charm his

Hermes tries to make some order in the night sky in spite of Zeus’ meddling. Centuries later the Starlink mega-constellations disrupt everything….

Hera, the Queen of the Gods, is having trouble with her afternoon nap. One by one the memories of her husband’s betrayals

**SPOILER ALERT** This is an unofficial constellation myth!  A strange phone call in the middle of the night leads to a conversation