Season 2 – Audio Drama Podcast

How do a slipper and an eagle lead to love?  Hermes explains all.    Written by Chris Mack with Bibi Jacob. Featuring

You may know them as the Dioscuri – sons of Zeus – or as the Gemini Twins. In this episode discover the

In this final Trojan episode, the ghosts of the war rise up and tell tales of loss and consolation.  Sensitive listeners be

Andromache appears in the university observatory to recount her tragic tale. 175 Andromache is a main-belt asteroid – not a Trojan in

Strange things happen one night, in a university observatory as Éloi struggles to stay awake and observe the 617 Patroclus asteroid. Written

Achilles, ‘the best of the Greeks’, slaughters Trojans mercilessly as he battles with his own grief and regrets.  Starring Tom Morton.Written and